Mattisons Bakery Ltd aim to ensure that good food hygiene / safety standards are maintained at every stage of our business, from the initial receipt and storage of the goods we purchase through to the delivery of products to our customers.

All aspects of food hygiene / safety are controlled by our established HACCP system and through ongoing implementation, supervision and review of this system.

We aim to provide a guarantee to our customers that the products they purchase from our company have, in all respects, been handled hygienically and are of high quality.

This policy aims to ensure that all current legal requirements are fully complied with at all times through :-

1 Employee induction training on engagement.

2 Strict observation of good personal hygiene standards by every employee at all times.

3 Strict adherence to our temperature control and stock rotation policy.

4 Notices / charts displayed at appropriate locations within our premises.

5 Correct cleaning procedures for all equipment and all areas detailed in cleaning schedules.

6 Ongoing monitoring and recording of established critical control points.

7 Regular structured refresher training as required, with records.

8 Continuous supervision and instruction by trained, competent management.

All members of staff and management, whether full or part time, are trained in food hygiene appropriate with their level of responsibility and to the work they carry out.